THE NEW ART OF WAR | Bill Holstein

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Author InterviewsChinaInternational RelationsTopicsUnited StatesWar is proud to announce the launch of our new video series, Interview with the Author. In this series of videos, we sit down with individual authors of books that have appeared in our curated book recommendations, either on our Current Events or On This Day pages, to delve deeper into their published work, and to discuss related issues from a broader perspective.

In our inaugural episode, we’re joined by Bill Holstein, former foreign correspondent and President of the Overseas Press Club, whose latest book The New Art of War, was among our top recommendations from our recent article on War with China: 21 Books on the Toxic Sino-US Relationship. Bill’s work is a stunning documentation of the full-frontal assault being waged by the People’s Republic against the American homeland, utilising an amalgam of tactics, some overt, some not. Put together, this aggressive strategy to infiltrate America’s open, democratic institutions and subvert them for the benefit of a hostile foreign power represents an evolution in asymmetric warfare, or a New Art of War.

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