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Democracy’s Dying Days? The TEN BEST books

With the rise of authoritarian leaders around the world, gaping economic inequality, not to mention disparities in voting rights, it’s become common to lament the decline of democracy as a whole. Is it justified? What are the broad political and social trends behind this wave, and what are the prospects for democracy’s future? Check out our TOP TEN books on the topic to discover the answers.

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On This Day: Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre

The Tiananmen square massacre of June 4, 1989 remains a warning to any who would believe China will walk the road of democratic reform. On the anniversary of the massacre, we’ve collected the six best books that explore the political and social context of the massacre, and the consequences of participating in the protests that have fallen on the survivors.

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Farewell Hong Kong: the 10 Best Books on the City’s Past, Present and (possible) Future

Hong Kong’s turbulent history since the 1997 handover looks set to hasten its decline. What does the future hold for the Fragrant Harbour? We collected the top ten books on the city for you to find out.